HRIS Cross Country

HRIS cross country results link

HRIS Cross Country Results link


2018 HRIS Cross Country

Dear parents the 2018 HRIS Cross Country will be held on Friday 4th May at Cooranbong. The permission note which was handed out at our school carnival has been added for your convenience. This note includes all times for each age group.

All students need to wear their School sports uniform. Students can run in this uniform or school singlets. Singlets were handed out to students who wanted them on Thursday 3rd May. I will take spares in case students change their minds.

There has been a change this year in regards to recording.

Students will be issued with a chip that they need to tie to their shoelace (double knot so they don’t come loose and fall off). This replaces writing a number on students arms.

Results and times will be published at the event on the day. This will be printed and on the board but also live data access. I will have more details for you on the day regarding this and how to access it.

At the conclusion of the students race, their chip will be collected from them before they are able to leave the recording area.

2018 HRIS XC permission note

Directions to Avondale College Cooranbong