2018 Primary Swimming Trials

Dear Parents,

The Calrossy Anglican School Primary 2018 Swimming Carnival is to be held on Friday 16th February at Scully Park Pool for Years 2 – 6. All students from Year 2 to Year 6 can participate in the carnival as either a non-swimmer in the novelty events, as a partially competent swimmer in the 25m races OR if they are a competent swimmer in the 50m and / or 100m races. Please note; As part of HRIS rules, students who are turning 7 in Year 2 are ineligible to participate at the HRIS Carnival.

As a school, we complete pre-event screening of all students attending. The screening process should indicate the swimming competency of each student as either:

A         a non-swimmer (has no or minimal swimming ability).

B          Partially competent swimmer (can competently swim 25m).

C          Competent swimmer (can competently swim 50m with certainty).

 It is also a school requirement that all non-swimmers be visibly recognised by wearing a coloured wrist band so as to be easily identified by all staff at the carnival. Non-swimmers MAY NOT enter in 50m races, but are free to participate in 25m races and supervised water novelty games throughout the day.


Please see below for an outline of events for the Primary Swimming Carnival on Friday 16th February. There are no start times for events on this program. These events may vary slightly depending on numbers.

Final Event list 2018

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at tim.ocallaghan@calrossy.nsw.edu.au or on 0409650856.

Kind regards,

Tim O’Callaghan

Sports Coordinator