18 Mar 17 – Year 7/8

Calrossy Red 7/8   v   McCarthy CC Farrer South – syn…     

Calrossy Blue 7/8  v Peel Pythons     Belmore- turf


17 Mar 17 – Year 9/10

Calrossy 9/10 BLUE  v Oxley High      Belmore- turf    

Calrossy 9/10 RED   v   BYE


17 Mar 17 – Year 7

Calrossy     v   McCarthy BLUE Riverside 9 – synt…     

Year 7 2017 Information

Year 7 Cricket is played Friday afternoon from 4.00pm and is available for Years 7 2017, only.

Year 7 Cricket 2017 is played Term 1 only. A new competition will commence Term 4 2017. This will require a payment at that time. A separate permission note will be forwarded for this competition.

Uniform- Calrossy Anglican School Sport shirt. Sports uniform or Cricket whites may be worn with the sport shirt. A Cricket kit will be supplied to the team.

Registration Costs – $ 50.

All payments are to be made using Qkr.

Payments must be paid by Tuesday 7th February to be able to be participate in Year 7 Cricket.

Sport App 2017

The Calrossy Cricket App will be deleted, I thank those that used it for their support,  parents and students will need to download the following in 2017;

Calrossy Anglican School Sport now has their own Team App which can be used on Smart and Android phones or the app can also send email.

It will be used in 2017 to communicate draws, information regarding training/ games, and general information including cancellation of training/games.

To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your phone. Download Team App here ( Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team App.  sport-app


  1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Log in. Search for Calrossy Anglican School Sport and request access to group(s) that apply to you.

The groups include sports that you will play in 2017, these are divided into Primary and Secondary.

If you don’t have a smartphone, by signing up from a computer you’ll receive email notifications.

Along with the use of the app, all draws and information will be placed on the Calrossy Anglican School Sports pages on the intranet. Secondary families will no longer receive Group emails of draws and information in 2017.

If Cricket is cancelled or changed due to wet weather

Tamworth Junior Cricket and Tamworth Regional Council have responsibility to cancel Cricket matches

Year 9/10 Friday afternoon

  1. Tamworth Junior Cricket will notify the school as soon as possible
  2. Calrossy Anglican School will notify students ( if cancellation is received during school hours)
  3. Parents will be emailed the information
  4. Those parents using the app will receive a notification

Year 7/8 Saturday morning

  1. Check Tamworth Junior Cricket website or Tamworth Junior Cricket Facebook page
  2. Listen to local radio stations
  3. Those parents using the app should receive a notification

Information and permission note below

Cricket Information 2016and 2017 season

Calrossy Anglican School  have two teams in the Year 7/8 competition and two in Year 9/10. However after this week we will be entering another Year 9/10 team

Year 7 players are in the Calrossy Blue team, while all Year 8 players are in the Calrossy Red team

All teams are still looking for parents who can score, umpire or manage the terms on Friday and Saturday mornings. Our Saturday morning teams may be supported by senior students who can umpire but need the assistance of an adult.

Our teams still have vacancies s and I encourage you to look around for any potential extra players to fill these spaces.

Year 7/8 Cricket begins at 8.30am





Season draws below;



School Cricket practise (lunchtimes)

Monday—Mr Vietch

Tuesday— Mr Mepham

Wed.— Mr Newman

Friday—Mr Price

Afternoon cricket practices: 

Wed—Mr Newman—3 ish to 4-30

Thurs—Mr Mepham—3 ish to 4-30

Sunday—Mr Mepham —2 to 4 pm