Tennis Coaching 2018

Tennis coaching is available to Calrossy students dependent on availability through Mr Ralph Lawrence. Ralph is a highly accomplished tennis coach with over 30 years experience coaching beginners through to elite players.

Students wishing to train with Ralph should contact him for availability on 0438492019 or via student services.

Tennis HRIS 2018

Calrossy also participate in the HRIS Open and Junior Tennis competitions. Dates below;

HRIS Open Tennis – 20th February

HRIS Junior Tennis – 16 October

Both competitions are team based with the winners of the Open competition b ale to participate in AICES Tennis Championships on 23 March

AICES individual Open tennis – Girls 7 February, Boys 9th February.

CIS Open individual Tennis – 21 February

AICES 15 Girls individual Tennis – 2 November

AICES 15 Boys individual Tennis – 9 November

Both AICES Open and Under 15 participants are selected on Australian tennis rankings. Both events are limited in numbers.