Sport App for Parents and Students

Calrossy Anglican School Sport now has their own Team App which can be used on Smart and Android phones or the app can also send email.

It will be used in 2017 to communicate draws, information regarding training/ games, and general information including cancellation of training/games.

To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your phone. Download Team App here ( Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team


  1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Log in. Search for Calrossy Anglican School Sport and request access to group(s) that apply to you.

The groups include sports that you will play in 2017, these are divided into Primary and Secondary.

If you don’t have a smartphone, by signing up from a computer you’ll receive email notifications.

Along with the use of the app, all draws and information will be placed on the Calrossy Anglican School Sports pages on the intranet. Secondary families will no longer receive Group emails of draws and information in 2017.

2016 News

Calrossy Blue lost a close game to McCarthy on Monday night that now sees Calrossy 1 being the only team in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to all players and coaches on another successful season of Hockey for Calrossy.

I encourage  Calrossy supporters and players  to attend to cheer on Calrossy 1!

Preliminary Final Results

Division 1: McCarthy One 3 (L.Maher, H.Constable, A.Horniman) defeated THS One 1 (R.Willis)

Division 2: Oxley Snickers 0 drew with McCarthy Gold 0 – Oxley Snickers progress to grand final

Division 3: McCarthy Blue 2 (G.Pawsey 2) defeated Calrossy Blue 0

Draw for Grand Finals on Monday 19th September. In the event of a draw at full-time there is extra time of 10 minutes each way. (This extra time is not golden goal and there is no reduction in the number of players on the field.) If scores are level at the end of extra time the team that finished higher (listed first below) is declared the winner. If the division 2 game goes to extra time the division 1 game will be delayed slightly. There will be a presentation at the conclusion of the division 1 game.

Division 1

6.15pm – Olympia – Calrossy 1 v McCarthy 1


calrossy-blue-hiockey-team         calriossyv-red-hockey

Calrossy Blue                                                                   Calrossy Red