Netball 2018

Netball is played at the Tamworth Netball Courts each Saturday afternoon. Games are played at either, 12 noon, 1.40pm, 2.20pm or 3.40pm.

This year students will need to be registered with Netball NSW (NNSW), and also pay the competition fee which will be charged via Qkr! at Calrossy. Registration for Netball NSW an be made here.

Calrossy have a large number of teams and require an adult coach or manager for each team, If you are able to assist please contact the Director of Sport at Calrossy.


Year 7 Teams Year 8 Teams Year 9 Teams Year 10 Teams

Molly Purtle

Grace O’Mullane

Brianna Clark

Sophie Jackson

Grace Holland

Beau-Yana Watts

Sophia Laird

Molly Cullen

Lucy Peters



Caitlin Scanlon

Lauren Allie*

Lily Ausling

Amelia Lobsey

Kaitlin Frame

Meggie Hamblin

Olivia Leckie

Olivia Bourke

Macy Brooks



Latoya Brown

Elizabeth Sweeney

Chelsey Shearer

Jorgia Miller-Williams

Olivia Barton

Holly Bullock

Caitlin Rudder

Neve Winnick

Lillian McNamara

Adelaide Fisher


Sophie Hedley

Andrea Maxey

Lydia Higgins

Zoe Campbell

Emma Parry

Claire Shadwell

Amy Cantrill

Marni Barry

Natalie Bovis


Anna Wells

Elizabeth Tooley

Evey Sutton

Abbie Lewis

Sophia Hanson

Chelsea Lyon

Arabella Scanlon

Ella Hobson

Georgina Clydesdale

Jemima Thibault

Maysie Englebrecht

Lucy Scanlon



Sophia Hagley

Sophie Lockyer

Mary McGrath

Jess Bourne

Emily Taylor

Abigail Lukins

Laura Newberry

Phoebe Roach*

Molly Baker

Georgina Hutchinson

Beatrice Thwaites*

(Coach Julie Lockyer)


Nellie Palmer

Kylie Ferguson

Tara Barwick

Chloe Peters

Courtney Trembath

Millie Wheeler

Claire Seis

Tilly Smith

Sara Bradfield




Millie Fauchon

Charlotte Brooks

Charlotte Fahey

Poppy Shearman

Jemima McDougal

Jessica Snook

Matilda Raphael

Dakota Skulthorpe

Sophie Grasnik*

Danni Dwyer



Year 11 Teams Year 12 Teams



Annaliese Collins

Sarah Smith

Isobella Kermode

Jessica Kelly

Samantha Klasen

Sophia Johnston

Pia Logan

Jessica Turner




Tessa Parry

Bella Fisher

Maddie Hoath

Lizzie Wippell

Katrina Higgins

Emily Gray

Amelia Hedley

Jade Hamilton

Katie Doherty


Calrossy Sport Team App

Calrossy Anglican School Sport uses Team App which can be used on Smart and Android phones or the app can also send email.

It will be used in 2018 to communicate draws, information regarding training/ games, and general information including cancellation of training/games.

To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your phone. Download Team App here ( Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team App.TBC


  1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Log in. Search for Calrossy Anglican School Sport and request access to group(s) that apply to you.

The groups include sports that you will play in 2018, these are divided into Primary and Secondary.

If you don’t have a smartphone, by signing up from a computer you’ll receive email notifications.

Along with the use of the app, all draws and information will be placed on the Calrossy Anglican School Sports pages on the intranet. Secondary families will no longer receive Group emails of draws and information in 2018.

Netball is played at the Tamworth Netball Courts, each Saturday from 12 noonbellbirds-netballhris-team hris-netball-winners

Calrossy Code of Conduct