Oz Tag Draw  23 March
Field Team Team
1 Calrossy Yellow v Untouchables
11 Calrossy Violet v Dominators
14 Calrossy Bronze v Kiss
10 Calrossy Purple v Calrossy Indigo
7 Calrossy Gold v Calrossy Orange
2 Calrossy Red v Calrossy White
5 Calrossy Blue v Oxley
11 Calrossy Ochre v Zippers
12 Calrossy Silver v Punishers
10 Calrossy Magenta v Hearts
Calrossy Green v Bye


After paying through Qkr all players will need to verify their registration on line by following the instructions below;



Oz Tag 2017 Information

Oz Tag is Played Thursday afternoons from 4.00pmto 6.00pm and is available for Years 7 – 10 only.

Oz Tag is played Term 1 and 4 and is social in nature. Teams are mixed gender and compete in either under 14 or under 16 competitions. The competition begins Thursday1 6th February. Teams will remain the same for both Terms

Uniform- Oz Tag shorts and Calrossy sports shirt. Oz tag shorts are purchased through Oz Tag at a cost of approximately $25

Registration Costs – $ 90 without shorts (this covers Term1 and term 4)

All payments are to be made using Qkr

Registration must be paid by Friday 3rd February to be able to be participate in Oz Tag.

.Sport App for Parents and Students

Calrossy Anglican School Sport now has their own Team App which can be used on Smart and Android phones or the app can also send email.

It will be used in 2017 to communicate draws, information regarding training/ games, and general information including cancellation of training/games.

To get the full features of your teams App you need to download Team App onto your phone. Download Team App here (http://teamapp.com/app). Its 100% FREE.

Launch Team App.sport-app


  1. Sign-up to Team App. You’ll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Log in. Search for Calrossy Anglican School Sport and request access to group(s) that apply to you.

The groups include sports that you will play in 2017, these are divided into Primary and Secondary.

If you don’t have a smartphone, by signing up from a computer you’ll receive email notifications.

Along with the use of the app, all draws and information will be placed on the Calrossy Anglican School Sports pages on the intranet. Secondary families will no longer receive Group emails of draws and information in 2017.