Tennis 2018

Calrossy offer Tennis coaching either individually or in groups with outstanding Tennis coach Mr Ralph Lawrence. Mr Lawrence will send expression of interest out to students early Term 1 with details. However the Head of Sport can e contacted to arrange Tennis coaching.

Calrossy also participate in the HRIS Open and Junior Tennis competitions. Dates below;

HRIS Open Tennis:  February 20th

HRIS Junior Tennis:  October 16th

Both competitions are team based with the winners of the Open competition able to participate in AICES Tennis Championships on 23 March.

AICES individual Open tennis – Girls 7 February, Boys 9th February.

CIS Open individual Tennis – 21 February

AICES 15 Girls individual Tennis – 2 November

AICES 15 Boys individual Tennis – 9 November

Both AICES Open and Under 15 participants are selected on Australian tennis rankings. Both events are limited in numbers.

Calrossy Code of Conduct